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my favs :3

this is just my 2020 favs. i will add some more stuff i like later on and i'll keep you all up to date on my life.


i spend most of my time watcing youtube. people like daniel howell give me that nostalgic rush.

his older stuff are cringe but i stil really love him, he is awesome. :)

shiloh!!! :3

my guilty pleasure is things like this song, my chem (see below) and other things like mindless self indulgence. they are really cool.

my chem!!!!

my chem are super super cool and i've listened to them since i was young. :)

france gall < 3

like i said earlier in my introductions thing i am obsessedd ith older french music. this song, zozoi and la plus belle pour aller danser are my current fav songs, and as the french would say, c'est genial! serge gainsbourg est tres super, i highly reccomend listening to france gall and Francoise Hardy.

tu te recconaitras

another one of my favs. her vocals are really cool- idk what else to add here!

aaand this is the end of my favs for this month -- it is a bit bizzare that i could only include a certain number of my favourites since i made this virtually at the end of 2020 but i will update this for many more months to come. happy 2021 everyone!

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