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my hobbies and interests and...... stuff

i really like learning languages -- i'm learning german at the moment in the hopes i'll be able to go to university someday, and while my german is "nicht so gut" i try everyday. i'm more of a cat person, i guess cats shy nature matches my introverted personality or whatever. i really like watching anime, reading yaoi, going to the city and forbidden planet with my friends, and playing games and surfing the web. my current fav animes are
-mirai nikki (yuno gasai is super cool)
-death note
-zankyou no terror
-not really an anime but vocaloids like fukkireta and po pi po are also super cool. i'm also: bisexual and nonbinary and i have great friends from the lgbt community too. :)

mah waifu
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my politics

unfortunately i am extremely depressed as marx is the reason i cant enjoy things anymore but i would say i am a marxist and i want equality 4 all i would also like 2 feel happy again. thanks for nothing marx. i regularly protest with my friends too and its super cool :)

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