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welcome to my webpage!

Happy new year 2021 everybody! Stay healthy! :)
created december 30th 2020
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here is a little about me!



gave the buttons their own category and added a links category under the "more..." tag.


added my january 2021 favs. check it out!

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-my name is nana
-i'm 16 years old
-i live in the uk
-my pronouns are they/them
-and i'm neurodivergent.

this website is best viewed on a 1920x1080 display. this website was largely created to relive the nostalgia i experienced from 2009-2011. please go easy on me, i only stared html and coding recently :) the uk isn't my favourite place to be -- i'd rather live in cape town or berlin but i can make do here. thats the basic rundown of what i'm into and you can find out more about me in the links above provided. i made this webpage because im mentally ill and live in an idleised verison of 2009 i created in my head i just felt bored and thought it would be cool to make a neocities webpage.

you can reach me at @sendnana on instagram, or, though i rarely check my email :)

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